Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Does real mean worthwhile?

Should things matter to me? Assuming there is no reality, and that everything around me is artificial, does that mean I should disregard it? Write it all off as meaningless, worthless and pointless? Or because I created it, should I cherish it and embrace it as a part of me, and take 'life' seriously, like most others seem to? Rhetorical. Please ignore.


  1. Hello Ben:

    Cannot ignore. The reasons?

    1. We have hugely missed you personally, but not forgotten you.
    2. Our lives have been bereft without the amusing and interesting insights into life which you gave to us through 'Decade 4'.
    3. We cannot answer for you, and indeed no answer is expected, but to us all things matter to a lesser or greater degree, but above all else people count beyond all measure for they are the very spirit and essence of life. Ergo, you are a person, you matter.
    4. Life should never, in our book, be taken too seriously and we are all, and here we do include you, to be fortunate enough for it not to have to be so; others are less lucky.
    5. We wish to keep in touch.
    6. Come to Budapest. There is little here which is artificial and much to cherish and embrace.

    Forgive us. We should most likely have remained silent. Many Brownie points lost!!

  2. Good afternoon Mrs and Mr H,

    1. Awww, shucks.
    2. I very much doubt that, but thanks all the same.
    3. A comfort to me is that I get to assign my own importance to things, and people. I must shamefacedly admit that, if anything, my self-regard is a little over-inflated! So far as I can tell, you're not so bad yourselves.
    4. I've probably mentioned this before, but there only about four things I can think of that I do take seriously. And at least a couple of those are utterly trivial.
    5. Alright then.
    6. I'd love to. It is difficult.

    You are forgiven.